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How To Decide On The Perfect Bathing Suit For The Summer Months

Some women go through one excruciating process as summer approaches or at the onset of the season seeking out that perfect swimwear.

Fashion magazines may even complicate rather than alleviate the process by featuring women with amazing body shapes, who would still look great, even in a wetsuit. Although you may still have to try on all manner of swimwear to find the perfect one, you may follow this general rule to shorten your stay inside tiny changing rooms: Hide your flaws and show off your assets. If you succeed in doing this, get ready to turn some heads at the beach.

Wide shoulders - Avoid tube tops as this will only emphasize your wide shoulders. Instead go for a swimsuit that has thick straps, wider necklines and are of darker shades. You can also wear a bottom which has a louder color and pattern to draw attention to that area.

Large tummy - Go for a one-piece rather than a bikini to conceal the stomach area. If you still prefer a two-piece, tankinis are your best bet. They're able to cover the unflattering belly and when worn in dark colors even have a slimming effect. High cut legs also achieve the same effect by giving the impression of a longer body. Also go for concealing elements such as a sarong which can be draped around the waist.

Hourglass - You are lucky. Really, you're the envy of most women. You can wear almost any swimsuit you like and it will look good on you. Bold prints, however, put emphasis on your curves so you should do well by going for these. After all, you always have to flaunt what you have.

Tiny waist - You have to create the appearance of having a curve, so go for bikinis rather than a one-piece. Also opt for a hipster bottom as this will be able to show more of your hips. Provide emphasis to the hip area by side ties, rings and ruffles. Avoid stripes but go for strong, dark colors. Black is a favorite during summer but you may go wacky and choose dark purple or red swimsuits.

Skinny - Horizontal stripes can give you a fuller body shape. Also go for bright (yet light) colors.


HoMedics Massage Chair for any Budget

The official name of an HoMedics massage chair is the HoMedics eLounger Massaging Recliner. Though HoMedics is known for making a lot of great home health and massage type products, as far as I can tell, they only make one full size massage chair that resembles an everyday recliner. But they do have some other great options that we will look at also.

First, the actual HoMedics massage chair can take the place of a regular recliner in any room, it looks that nice! It is made of faux black leather, is very comfortable and has a nice modern design. It features a full quad roller massage with 3D motion, offering the standard four massage functions found on most high end massage chairs: tapping, kneading, rolling, and a kneading and tapping combo. You can get a full back massage, or just concentrate on your upper or lower back. Besides these great massage features, you can tell that extra thought was put into its design for the users convenience. Some of these features include a cup holder, an integrated remote control, and tilt wheels so that you can easily move the chair when you rearrange the living room. It is easy to spend thousands of dollars on a high quality massage chair, but with this HoMedics massage chair, you spend less than a thousand and get many of the same features. As HoMedics likes to say, "It's your massage therapist on demand!".

Though this is the only full featured HoMedics massage chair that I could find, the do have other options. Some of the options they have are anti-gravity or inversion recliners that also feature massage. Some of these even have a heat feature to help further relax your back. Besides massage, the idea behind an anti-gravity chair is to tip you back in such a way that the effect of gravity on your body is evenly distributed.

One area of the massage industry that HoMedics has a great corner on are massage cushions. These allow any chair to be turned into an HoMedics massage chair. Massage cushions are a very affordable alternative to a full massage chair. Their most expensive cushion is less than $200, and some are even under a hundred dollars. The different cushions offer different types of massage, some have the full functioning quad roller system, others promote different degrees of shiatsu massage, some also offer heat along with the massage function. These cushions are foldable so that they are easy to store away, or you can just leave one out on your favorite chair for regular use. They can be used in a recliner or easy chair, or just as well on an office chair. Then you can enjoy a relaxing massage while you work (or is that an oxymoron?).

Regardless of your budget, there is bound to be some form of a HoMedics massage chair that will work for you. They are all great to relieve tension and help you to relax after a busy day.


How To Host The Best Hot Tub Parties

Hot tub parties are some of the best parties ever, since everyone can have a good time while relaxing in an amazing hot tub. There are many things you can do to ensure you are hosting the best hot tub parties ever, with everything from the decorations to the food and anything in between.

The first step in planning the best hot tub parties is to pick out a theme. If you want to stick with the water theme since your hot tub is the main aspect, you can go for a Hawaiian luau or even a beach theme. If you plan on holding your hot tub parties during the colder months, you may want to consider planning a snow themed party or even a Christmas party if you wish. A themed party is always better than one without a theme,, so picking one is a great way to ensure all your hot tub parties will be a blast.

After you pick your theme, you will want to buy decorations for your party. Everything you buy should be related to the theme, including any plates, eating utensils, cups, and decorations. You should decorate the area around the hot tub specifically, but you can also hang decorations in other areas where you expect guests to be. You can even purchase fun favors like hats, leis, or anything related to your party theme, since it will make it even more fun for your guests to get into the theme as well.

Most party guests will expect some time of refreshments, so you can decide what you would like to serve. You can decide on small finger foods and sodas if it is going to be a small occasion, or go all out and create an entire snack bar full of all types of goodies. You will want to make sure and buy more food than you think you will need, since it is always better to have leftovers than to run out of food early. You can even send your guests home with anything extra, so they can remember how much fun they had the night before while eating your leftovers.

Making the guest list is the next step for planning amazing hot tub parties. If you plan on having a small affair, only invite as many people that will fit in your hot tub. If you have only a few more than the number that will fit, you will most likely have unhappy people who would like to relax as well. If you plan on holding a big event, make sure you set up other types of entertainment for the guests who are not enjoying the hot tub. You can set up a music area, party games if you wish, or even a buffet or snack bar to keep your guests entertained, and make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy your hot tub.

A hot tub is a great addition to almost any party, since your guests can relax and enjoy the amazing benefits that hot tubs have to offer. As long as you plan out all of the details with everything from the theme to the decorations and food, you can host the best hot tub parties any of your friends or neighbors has ever attended.


Summer Fun With Backyard Above Ground Pools

Whether you're dreaming of lounging pool side on a peaceful Saturday afternoon, playing water volleyball with family and friends or entertaining at a summer time party, the fun starts when you start checking out backyard above ground pools.

An above ground backyard pool presents a number of great advantages, beginning with price. Typically, they are ten times less than any in ground swimming pool. Another great advantage is that they are easy to disassemble and do not call for a long term commitment from you. Also, installing one, in most cases won't raise your property taxes. In most cities, an above ground backyard pool isn't seen as a permanent structure.

The quality of backyard pools has improved considerably throughout the years, meaning you now have a lot more shapes and sizes to pick from than ever before. You can even improve upon your backyard pool area by adding a wooden or aluminum deck around it to further customize your pool area to suit your taste. They are also less difficult to clean and keep up because in most cases they are smaller than in ground pools. Most importantly, above ground pools are safer. To stop access, all you need to do is remove the ladder.

If you are apprehensive about the look of an above ground backyard pool you should visit your neighborhood pool store to see check out your options. In the past, backyard above ground pools were known by their metallic look, however today's models are customizable and attractive. You'll be able to pick from a variety of colors as well as liner patterns. Todays backyard pool manufacturers are creating materials which blend durability and quality with visual beauty.

Backyard above ground pools, which are crafted with commercial strength aluminum or steel and extremely strong resin, are uniquely covered with numerous layers to face up to corrosion, marring, and additionally UV rays, but they're also available in a lot of wonderful, attractive patterns and colors.

In some cases the resilience and aesthetic perks of backyard pools is still a problem for some individuals, however for people on a budget they're a great alternative. The best part about an above ground backyard pool is that they are portable. If you move, the pool can go with you and if you simply get tired of it taking up space, you can take it down for awhile or even sell it.

Another option for homeowners who have reservations about backyard pools is that their top of the line assembly abilities along with their corrosion resistance can make it feasible for an above ground backyard pool to be installed as a semi in ground pool. For more on this option, consult with your local pool store.

Today's backyard above ground pools provide endurance and appeal at affordable prices. They are the perfect solution for those fun, warm summer days playing outside, making it affordable to spend time relaxing by your backyard pool.


The Health Benefits to Using a Sauna

There are many benefits to owning a sauna. Aside from the relaxation and enjoyment one can provide, it has also proven to be advantageous to one's health. Because the health benefits to owning a sauna are numerous, you might consider installing one in your home. This will prevent you from having to drive to a facility that has one, and will make it easier for you to use it on a more regular basis. This article outlines some of those health benefits, and why they are so important.

One of the main health benefits to owning a sauna is that using it rids your body of unwanted materials and helps to improve overall circulation. This is because the heat increases circulation near the skin and causes you to sweat. This is what helps rid the body of all the unwanted materials. This is not only good for your body internally, but will also benefit your skin as well.

Another health benefit to owning a sauna is that it can help prevent heart disease. Many medical professionals who have studied the benefits of saunas over the past several years now believe that a sauna can benefit your heart in much the same was as actual exercise. This is because repeated sauna use can improve blood vessel function, which, in turn results in overall improvement in cardiac function.

A third benefit to owning a sauna is that using steam and heat can also act as an immune system stimulant. There is evidence that using a sauna can act as such a stimulant by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body. This helps to stimulate overall healing to the immune system, and can often help prevent various illnesses that may occur.

Since many viruses cannot survive in environments over 80 degree Fahrenheit,
Constant use of a sauna can help kill them before they are allowed to grow. At the very least, the sauna can help to reduce their growth rate, which will also make the healing process faster, and prevent further infection.

There are many advantages to installing a sauna in your home. Whether you decide on an in-door or an out-door sauna, the health benefits described above will still apply. By owning one, you will be more likely to reap these benefits on a more regular basis, and can enjoy doing so from the comforts of your own home.


Running Tips - Beware The Hot Tub After A Long Run

Many runners head to the hot tub after they've completed a hard race or a long run. They think that a nice long, hot soak is what they need. Actually, this is one of the worse things that they can do. And, I'll admit it. I used to finish up a long run and head up to my Jacuzzi tub, fill it up with hot water, get the jets going and then soak and soak and soak. I really didn't think that I was doing anything wrong. Then, I did a little research.

After a hard workout, such as a race or long run, your joints, tissues and muscles will be inflamed. If you sit in a hot tub or use a heating pad, you bring more blood flow to those areas and they will become even more inflamed. So, even though that nice, hot bath may sound like a good idea - and possibly even feel good at the time, it's not a good idea and can actually increase the time needed to get over the workout.

Another reason to skip the hot tub or hot bath is because of hydration. When you are finished with your workout, you will probably be a little dehydrated, whether you think you are or not. If you jump into a hot tub, you may get even more dehydrated - again, not a good thing!

What you can do to help with the healing process is an ice bath. To do an ice bath, fill up your tub with cold water and then put 5 pounds of ice in it. You want to stay in the ice bath for 10 minutes.

If you just can't stand the thought of soaking in an ice bath (and I'm definitely one of you), you can use ice packs or even packs of frozen veggies on your sore areas. You will want to do this for about 15 minutes. The ice will help relieve the soreness and the inflammation of those joints. This, then, in turn will speed up your recovery.

But, don't think that you have to give up your hot tub altogether. After your run, do your cool down. Ice those sore muscles and drink lots to water to get rehydrated. Then, after an hour to hour and a half - it's alright to get in the hot tub. Just make sure that you are cool down properly before you indulge yourself with your soak.


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